Gulf Automatic Doors was established in 1979 - fully dedicated for installation and maintenance of electromechanical systems for door automations and as such was the first company to do that, being a leader in the market it introduced the idea of Door Automations to Co-ops, hospitals, office buildings and shopping malls.

Since its inception, the company adopted Besam - a Swedish manufacturer of automation system as its main drive for entrances. Our first contract was replacing the entrance of the Kuwait International Airport. By mid 80s the company was assembling its units locally under license from Besam. All this required a professional team of skilled labors and maintenance teams.

We are proud to state that we have operators installed since early 80s and are still in operation.

Company Details

Address: P.O.BOX 3330, Safat, 13034 - Kuwait
Factory Location: Al Ray Industrial Area Block 1, Street 10, Sector 1180
Date of Registration: 1979
Status of Ownership: Single Ownership
Owner: Eng. Eisa Al Sarraf
Plant Details: Gulf Automatic Door is equipped with all modern machinery required for fabrication, starting from simple cutting, milling, drilling, punching and assembly machines also with air compressed plant for pneumatic tools.


1. Automatic Sliding Door.

2. Automatic Swing Door.

3. Curve Sliding Door.

4. Automatic Balance Door.

5. Automatic Panic Breakout Sliding Door.

6. Revolving Door.

7. Automatic Sliding Gate.

8. Automatic Swing Gate.

9. Barrier.

10. Automatic Rolling Shutters.

11. Industrial Doors-

International Agencies

1. BESAM - Sweden

2. FAAC - Italy